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It has become obvious that in order to maintain the high standard of quality and tradition that historical landmarks represented in their once prideful communities, a way has to be found to make these wonderful and curious old buildings usable. In many cases, progress has passed them by. What is to be done with the […]

My Classic Car: Mark’s 1962 Ferrari GTO – and his dinner with Enzo

I owned 1962 Ferrari GTO #3987, which I purchased from Otto Zipper, the Ferrari dealer in Beverly Hills, California. I bought it in 1966 for $8,000. It was the Pabst-Penske Sebring car that finished third overall and first in its class. It still had the Sebring roof light on it as well as the number […]

The American Victorian Period 1820-1900

This article is written so that the collectors may better understand the fashions of the Victorian Era, its many variations of styles, and how to put it all together to produce authenticity in the final product. Styles in art and fashion do not change overnight. No period in history has been uniform in appearance. Often […]